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2.Feb.2017Timeshift: 20. Mar. 2017 (after that: 'Times for Pestilence')
23.Jan.2017Before advent heaven sign will make. See ref. Verse: IX/44 and II/46
13.Nov.2015(2024) Leader of Aries, Jupiter, & Saturn, God eternal which mutations?
See ref. Verse: I/51
13.Nov.2015(2017-2052) & open will be the great chain over the harbour(Pr233)
See  Menu:  4. Nostradamus The Prophecy (Pr233)
Refugees to EU
7.Nov.20112013 Point of intersection to a big crash, see ref. Verse: IX/44Correction
20.Jul.20092013 Introductory startpoint to a big crash, see ref. Verse: IX/44
2.May2006(and later then the second woe: a violent earthquake in Europe, see: IX/83)


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7.Mar.20122013 Apr./May or Sep./Oct. big biologically virus outbreak
or some bigger economy crisis/collapse, see ref. Verse: IX/44
Ebola virus outbreak
13.Mar.2013The next Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
(Petrus Romanus, see: Malachy's list 1978)
24.Apr.2005 28. Feb. 2013Glory of the Olive, Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) abdicated. 

5.Apr.2006I wrote:a bad time is coming about 23 Sep.-15 Oct. 2006-
10.Aug.2006or:or 10.-17. Jan. 2007   (20. Jan. - should have been in Feb.)
Wrong month
2.Apr.200524. Apr. 2005The next Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger)
(De gloria oliva, Glory of the Olive, see: Malachy's list 1978)
20012. Apr. 2005I/48 Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla, 1978-2005) then the old pope departs!
(De labore solis, Of the sun's work, see: Malachy's list 1978)
I wrote:It will happen: The end of year 2000 (+4 year difference of time) and
2005 (born in a Moon-year), astr. begins 2005 about the 20. Mar.,
so it was +14 days more ;-).
1.Sep.1998c. 23. Sep. 1999 See: X/72, about 2-3 weeks after, the 'King' from *Angolmois will resurrect.
*(Angle-moon 1991 and Russia nearest bankruptcy resurrect after help
of IMF - International Monetary Fund).
I wrote:It will happen: About 23. Sep. - 22. Nov. 1999 and not in Jul. or Aug. 1999.
Last updated: 2. Feb. 2017