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Demo 3 - WW1 & WW2 1909-1944.
   Mars raised to his highest belfry,
   Will withdraw the Allobrox under France:
   The Lombardian people will get so big a fright,
   Of them of the eagle gathered under the Libra. 
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1998 O.Vincent,DK
  The year thousand nine hundred ninety-nine seven months 
  From heaven will come a grand King of fright 
  Resurrect the grand King from Angolmois.
  Before & after Mars reign by good luck.

X/72:   When a grand 'King' from heaven comes,
about 2-3 week after, the 'King' from Angolmois will resurrect.
(Angol-mois: The Angel-moon in year 1991 and Russia resurrect).

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