Guidance to find "The Prophecy" etc.

Remember using your Return button when something is covering what you were reading
or you will not be able to get back to where you were earlier, and your 'browser' risk to stop (freeze).
(There are more than 5,807 pages and about 25.718 internal links).

First click in the pane 'HERE' and perhaps print this page, about one and a half A4 page.

(Remember to set your screen resolution to minimum 1024*768 and reset it when you have finished).
One method could be to take every menu item and read it all.

Well lets start from the beginning: (Start page: index.htm)
(Insert the CD and/or click on your browser) or use the address:

On the front page click on English: (I will show you the way to for instance The Prophecy).
The window is split up in 2: The menu to the left and all other material to the right.

Look in the menu in the top: 1. Nostradamus site.
(Levels in the hierarchy, totally 5, you may look at Site overview with contents),
and as you will see: level 2, 3, 4 and 5 are also in the menu.

Look at level 4: (the little + before means 'Book icon' can be opened and before that the book closes,
'maybe click in the window', you may also point at lines and icons and look at alternative text,
but when you click somewhere on the line you get the same result as if you had clicked on the text).
Click on the book: 4. Nostradamus

Please note that you are on the 4th level (is indicated at the top of the menu).
Click on the book: The Letters
(The book opens with: Timetable, Preface, Epitre, To Cesar, Henry II), and
Foreword with "Obs!" will appear in the middle, and then you can click on what you want to read.
(To Cesar, Henry II has been translated as Nostradamus has written it, without adding or subtracting anything,
but when possible word for word, and the same has been done with the verses. Printed version: Benoist Rigaud 1568.
But inside "Epitre" (FR) same as Henry II (GB) is dateline 27. Jun. 1558).

Click on the book: The Prophecy, a picture of the 'Spugi-man' or The Door appears at the right of the screen,
click on one of them: and the Book in the menu will open.
(The Prophecy is extracted from the Letters and put together properly to the best of my judgement)

Click on the book: 5. Period* (there is a +), and you will see "Time/Year-pictures", which you can click on
(astrological Time-pictures).
Pull down the 'slider' to the "grey" shape to the bottom and read, and if necessary click on This little help,
which appears to the right and read this, "This little help" is for the understanding of how the "Time/Year-pictures" are.

Click on The Prophecy in the menu:
Voila there it is, please read!

The Prophecy will ONLY appear at the bottom in the middle, here the middle will be split in two,
(whereas the other 4 letters are best read when you will have all the middle part in which to read).
(You can make a move with all windowpanes).

The top pane in the middle is for "Time/Year-pictures".
When they appear DO NOT click in the pictures when reading The Prophecy,
because the Years in the pictures will activate and send a Verse to the bottom of the middle of where The Prophecy is,
and it is not certain that The Prophecy then will be where you were earlier when returning.
(Remember: by using your Return button you will return from the last click/link).

Read The Prophecy and click on the small note no. in the text.
The notes appear at the right top and by clicking on for instance a link to a person in the notes,
the text will appear to the right under Persons, conceptions and others.
(Remember to use your Return button, when you have read it/them, 'Link in Link')

If the notes are not correctly placed according to what you are reading in The Prophecy, then re-click on the note no. in text
or use your Return button a numer of times until you are back on the right spot again.

So, now I hope that you will be able to find your way to The Prophecy, and it is not forbidden to read all the other material
on all the other menu item also available.

Best regards
Ole Vincent
Last updated: 23. Apr. 2018