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It will be a good idea first to read the letters To Cesar and Henry II in order to get an impression of how and what Nostradamus has written.
Only few notes from here to the Prophecy are the same.
It is in these 2 letters that the prophecy is concealed and all verses shall then be inserted in the right spot before one can say:

This is Nostradamus' whole Prophecy

put together properly.
It is no secret that Nostradamus in this work has mixed things pretty much, he writes that himself:  ref. P/11 and P/51.
This is an European historical summary of what happens from about year 1555 and onwards.

When reading the Prophecy: Please remember 'Introduction' and then please note (as I have elaborated it) those lines which are:
  • 'indented' is an elaboration of the text
    (a kind of 'passing remark' or a 'Time-line' as I call it).
By following a left margin you can follow a Time-line because there are several of them and they split up.

It will be helpful if you understand 'The ground principles of Astrology' as lot of the way in which it is written refers to the Astrology.

(It is possible that someone can see/understand more than I have written, I only wanted to show the way and I have put some examples in Verses under some of the Time/Year-pictures, but more will come along the way.
The example with Verse: IX/55 - 'Invasion of France 1944' will give you wisdom.
If you lack any material that I have not put up yet, then look under 'Link' for other Sites about Nostradamus on level 1. - HeadMenu.
Up to now I have made more than 5.807 pages (windows) and with more than 25.718 internal links in between these links and windows, but it is only the begining to get the system going, so error-reports via e-mail will be welcomed.
There will come One more after me, who will put the final in place).

Of course, it is not easy to write about what happens in the time, especially not when several things happen in succession/on top of each other and furthermore in several different countries, so Nostradamus writes about a 'Time-line' and what happens it its wake and the returns to his starting point and resumes writing from there, BUT it was not his intension to make things easy for anybody, therefore in time a lot of weird interpretations can be found.

It would be unthinkable if the translations could not be adjusted as the language that has been used has so many shades, and therefore a new edition might very well appear.

Notes have been inserted where I have found that a remark was necessary (will appear in the right window), and you can follow the years & French letters (here in this window) and the text (in English) of Letters, Prophecy & Verse (will appear in a window below).

Nostradamus has not inserted section numbers in the letters. They are not found in Benoist Rigaud (1568 Lyon), so it has been done later by others working on the material and always appears like that after that time, somewhat confusing, and therefore I have given the letters new section numbers in both the French and the English translations in order to be comparable (sorry but is was necessary).

The same applies to the so-called Verses VI/100 referred to below which originally has no Verse number like all the others have, but instead has a title and always has been referred to as VI/100 (because that is how it is placed in the series).

The same applies to the so-called Verses 'VII/43-100' which are regarded as 'missing!'
Yes, they do need to be composed as Verses, but they are not missing as text.
Nostradamus has used the text which should form Verses VII/43-100 for establishing the large 'Time-lines' of the Prophecy, also because he had to explain how it all adds up or else his Letters in time would have disappeared as his letters would not have been of much interest to people.

As the letters contain the broad outlines and verses the details, he then has made sure that this work has been kept fairly together for about the 450 years which has passed till now, ref. E/4 and the note.


The missing Quatrains (Verses) VII/43-100.

Represent 'The time' in the Prophecy.

But: The letters contain a great secret more - beyond the Prophecy!
(according to the saying: You cannot see the Door, because you have just gone through it,
or you cannot see the wood for the trees,
just as the Cheops pyramid!).

(VI/100:-)  ref. E/8.
1999 O.Vincent,DK

Precept sang for inept critics.

Those who read these verses early consider,
*Uneducated herd, and ignorant no groping:
All as; Astrologer Idiots, Barbarians stay far away,
He who thus acts, it rightfully, holy to be.

*in prose

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