Help  Cycle of Time.

  • Stand for:
  • 1 Cycle = 3,024 years.
  • 1 Period = 432 years.
  • 1 Time = 36 years.
There are not 2 times which are similar in one cycle.

The Periods

Nostradamus writes about a great war time:
ref. E/41-E/42, ref. E/45, ref. E/58, ref. E/84-E/88 and ref. P/67-P/69.
(1914-1918 and 1939-1945 in 5. period. You should consider that Mars is the old War-God - just as Venus is the old War-Goddess).
(See also year 1944 for explanation, but not here under 'Help').

Thereafter he writes ref. P/70 Quote:
And now as been guided by the moon, brought about the omnipotence of the eternal God, which before this has completed its full circuit, the sun will come, afterwards Saturn.

(Also ref. E/89(.1):
The 2. Dominion of Saturn.
1. Dominion of Saturn. was
See 6. Cycle and the times 1909, 1945, 1981 and 2017 in 5. Period).

It is in our time!

It is the last cycle before:
ref. P/73-P/74 Quote:
... the great eternal God will come to execute the revolution : in which the heavenly pictures have again turned to move, ...!
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