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Ever since the 23. Oct. 1963
1999 O.Vincent,DK
 I/51  *Leader of Aries, *Jupiter, & *Saturn,
God eternal which mutations?
Thereafter in long time its malignant time returns,
Gaule, & Italy which emotions?
*The Time is being defined:
Line 1,  I/51: *2017 Saturn ('Blue:' Head-Ruler 36 year, where all new live press down, and pestilence)
Line 1,  I/51: *2024 Jupiter (Secondary-Ruler) and *Saturn (Years-Ruler) 
Line 2,  I/51:  Utter chaos !   (see also Verse: IX/44)
Line 3,  I/51:  2017-2052 The plague time come back (see: 4. Nostradamus The Prophecy Pr389).
Line 4,  I/51:  And being affected by horrible thing in the next 177 years 3 months 11 days.

This Website was showing in Danish TV2 News 12. July 1999.
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